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PrintReleaf program

Our values, our way of working

"Honesty and integrity towards customers, people and our planet" are Velan values.
These connect to another key word: Respect. The planet is the widest community which includes all the others.
If we don’t respect the planet how can we expect to behave the some to the others?

Velan ABV partnered with PrintReleaf Reforestation program to embrace the challenge of a greener and better world. We have always been focused on our values, seeking collaboration with other organizations that share our beliefs especially when it comes to environment protection. 
To keep promises in terms of sustainability and respect for the planet, we have been collaborating with PrintReleaf since last year in order to reduce paper waste and support our global forests.
PrintReleaf is a certification system and software platform for automated global reforestation, thus, total paper consumption is converted into an equivalent number of trees which are certified worldwide.

This technology platform not only measures our paper usage and converts it into trees, but it also monitors that reforestation partners to ensure project fulfilment.
We are proud to announce that we have planted 50 trees since we joined the PrintReleaf Exchange.
Every day we work to improve and innovate our processes to reduce the environmental footprint on the planet.
We are deeply committed to ensuring that our developments are addressed to global footprint reduction by selecting low-impact environmental solutions, using less and recycled materials, optimizing the manufacturing processes to minimize emissions and wastes year over year.
We are aware that future is made of many small changes that combined can make the difference. We are living the difference; we are living our values by joining Printeleaf software for an additional 50-100-200 future trees planted worldwide.