Adjustable angle choke valve



Valve design

based on API 6A or B16.34 and customer requirements

Temperature range
-150 to 428°F (-101 to 220°C)

NPS 1.13/16 - 9 (DN 46- 228)
NPS 2-12 (DN 50-300)

Pressure rating

ASME 900 - ASME 2500
API 5000 - API 15000 

As per Velan standard
End connections

RF, RTJ as per B16.5 &B16.47
Hub connection
6B, 6BX as per API6A

Body design

Forged angle one-piece

Seat design

Metal-seated with inserts in fully tungsten Carbide


Lip seals configuration 
Blowout stem design
High capacity and accurate control also with minimum opening
Low noise and no vibration with multistage trim
Quick change of all internal parts with no bolting 
Plug and trim material with excellent erosion resistance property available
Disks clamped without any internal threads 
Ease maintenance without removal of actuator and instrument connections
Plug type: Balance (to minimize the actuator thrust) or Unbalance or Pressurized
Over or Under the plug flow configuration
One-piece tungsten sinterized trim for high erosion service 


Manual: Gear with handwheel
Actuated: Linear Pneumatic/ Hydraulic, Electric or Stepper 

Testing & certifications

Compliance with API 6A /B16.34 inspection and testing 
Fire safe and fire tested as per API 6FA/607
Fugitive Emission as per ISO15848
PED 2014/68/UE 
Available as per API 6A Standard: 
Product specification levels (PSL 1, 2, 3, 3G and 4)
Performance requirement levels (PR1, PR2)
Design validation as per PR2F

Generally located at the wellhead, valves are designed for Oil&Gas processing, water and gas injection and gas lift. Velan’s DTP series are the optimal solution for controlling high levels of fluid pressure in the most difficult conditions such as dirty and corrosive fluid services.
Angle choke are traditional robust angle valves with a multistage trim and a corresponding plug specifically designed to provide high energy dissipation. 
The valve's multi-stage technology and discrete tortuous path design divides the flow into many streams reducing pressure and fluid velocity avoiding cavitation, flashing or erosion phenomena.
Velan ABV offers the advantage of intechangeable plug and trim components, the valve has no welded internal parts, resulting low maintenance costs.
Actuation can be either hydraulic or pneumatic depending on the speed requested. Stepper actuators are an option for reaching the highest level of accuracy.
Material selection is fully customizable to meet customers project specifications.