Scotch yoke actuator


as per API 6DX - EN15714 as per ASME VIII




Standard range: -29° to 100°C (-20 to 212°F)

Design Pressure

Pneumatic cylinder: Up to 12 barg 
Hydraulic cylinder: Up to 210 barg

Torque range

Compact size: up to 2500 Nm
Standard size: up to 6500000 Nm

Supply media

Instrument air
Sweet gas

Types available

Pneumatic single and double acting
Hydraulic single and double acting

Testing & Certification

IP66 per EN60529 (IP68 on request) 
Compliance with PED 97/23/EC
Compliance with ATEX
SIL Certification

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing all type of Scotch Yoke Actuators for on/off or Emergency shut down & Blowdown services.
The Scotch Yoke design provides peak torque at the break and end point of the stroke, ensuring maximum reliability and is available in both symmetric and canted designs to meet specific applicaton requirements. 
The SY mechanism is fully contained within housing which is designed and tested against full differential pressure. To minimize cost and weight, actuators have a modular construction. The hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder and the spring cartridge can be connected to the left or to the right side of the housing to fit with the specific fail-safe action.
Velan ABV has a dedicated line of heavy-duty single-acting compact actuators containing a cylinder assembly and spring for high performance.