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From the beginning, we offer extensive customer support – evaluating all technical requirements even after the delivery date – ensuring correct installation and on-site maintenance. Once the product has been delivered and installed, we will continue to follow-up with our client, ensuring quick customer service. 
At Velan ABV, we manage and coordinate all stages of the process. We provide end-user technical support – providing spare parts, on-site service and maintenance, and ensure our presence across the globe with a network of authorized service shops. 

after sales
1 Week

for commercial offers

72 Hours

for reaching the onsite installation

65 Service

shops worldwide

after sales spare parts

Spare parts

When it comes to spare parts, customers can have peace of mind knowing that Velan ABV will expedite their request while respecting deadlines and procedures.
Spare parts are mainly supplied through two ways. In certain cases, and on the basis of customer requirements, we provide a set of spare parts along with the product.
Otherwise the spare parts are directly shipped to the client. Our team is efficient and flexible and, in most cases, will respond to your inquiry within one working day. We ensure the best possible service with many spare components in stock and available in 24 hours. 

after sales on-site customer service

On-site customer service

We have the capability of mobilizing the most experienced service providers from around the world to help our customers find pragmatic solutions to the unique challenges encountered on-site, ensuring we can meet your maintenance and service requirements whatever your location.
Velan ABV technicians are OPITO BOSIET&HUET certified- Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training- for facing with hazards encountered in offshore installations. 

after sales service shop worldwide

Service shop Worldwide

Velan is committed to providing the right solutions to you challenges by staying up to date with our customers’ needs, allowing us to problem solve and find alternative options when necessary, in the shortest possible time.
We have a network of authorized valve service and repair shops around the world that are your best choice for servicing your Velan valves. 
By listening, collaborating, and making our customer’s needs our top priority, we hope to build a solid partnership for years to come.


after sales customer training

Customer training

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technical training classes for our entire range of products. 
Training can be conducted at the customer's location, in our manufacturing facility, or by joining our online webinar – offering a unique opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge of Velan’s product range and remain in touch with our staff.