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Real Time Assistance-To keep the plant running at maximum performance

Velan ABV has adopted a new technology designed to respond to our customers' emerging needs while delivering high quality service with the best possible customer experience.
Real Time Assistance (RTA) allows field technicians to collaborate with Velan ABV experts providing remote guidance solutions to any valve related issues that may arise in-service regardless of a plant's location.
This innovative tool gives customers access to Velan ABV's knowledge-base system, providing help to identify and trouble-shoot problems using real-time audio and video support, access to documentation, and direct communication with field technicians to help maintain the customer's valve installations.
Problems can now be more easily resolved with an IP address provided by Velan ABV's team. Our experts are available virtually on-site, so that more requests can be handled in a short time and more issues can be easily addressed and resolved.

RTA Benefits:

  • Fast communication and cooperation without needing to request a costly on-site visit.
  • Qualified engineers at the customer's disposal though this easy-to-use technology.
  • Corrective actions offered by a team of experts, with the possibility of immediately adding experts to the session depending on the problem.
  • Reducing downtime and rapid return to operations though Velan ABV's immediate response.
  • Step-by-step guidance from Velan ABV experts who can follow every stage of the process remotely.
  • Remote training with on-site technicians to define where knowledge gaps exist and develop the skills needed to keep the equipment running at peak performance.
  • Providing technical assistance to qualified service shops worldwide.

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