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three years without accidents

Three years without accidents!

Safety in the workplace is a crucial factor within an organization.
Accidents can happen anywhere and without warning. Accidents can affect the life of individuals and of the entire organization.
In particular, serious accidents can have extremely negative consequences on people's lives from a psycho-physical point of view. That's why we at Velan ABV focus on continuous improvements to prevent accidents and to preserve the well-being of our workers. 

At Velan ABV, we are creating a safety awareness and culture of the highest level to continusly identify and eliminate all types of unsafe conditions and behaviours that could arm our employees.

By carefully observing our workplace and reporting potential problems, we can avoid the injuries of tomorrow. By organizing short talks on every aspect of safety and prevention, we can raise the awareness of how important safety is for the entire Velan ABV organization.

The last three years of zero accidents at work represent a corporate victory. The entire business organization matters because each of us matters.

Safety will always come first!