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Velan ABV meets Drass for subsea valve test

Velan ABV partnered up with DRASS to conduct hyperbaric testing compliant with API 6DSS standard

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision […] It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
So, what do two teams from different companies need to achieve an excellent result? Definitely an in-depth knowledge of their products, team spirit and ambition. All skills that are perfectly suited to both the Velan ABV and DRASS teams involved in the performance of the qualification test for hyperbaric service of a Velan ABV Subsea ball valve.

The excellence that we, as Velan ABV, offer is due to our vast experience and technical know-how in the Oil & Gas sector and the constant commitment with the customer. Our strength comes from the ability to design customized solutions for the client, combining international standards with project specifications. This allows us to produce valves of any size and pressure class, even for the most critical services, relying on the best supply chain in the sector for the completion of the processes.

"We partnered up with DRASS as the company is a world leader in the submarine sector; DRASS provides solutions of the highest quality level in Subsea environments”- explains Gianluca Losi, R&D Manager. With over a century of activity, DRASS is present on the world scene with a wide range of patents and innovations, which have allowed the company to play a leading role in achievements never reached before.
Velan ABV and DRASS worked together to conduct the testing activity according to API 6DSS on a 16"x12” ASME 300 Subsea Trunnion ball valve that will be installed in Mexico. Every part of the test was perfectly completed, ready for final inspections and finally for shipment.
The synergy between the two teams has led to the production of a safe and reliable product in accordance with project specifications and international standards.

“Quality that lasts” is not just a slogan but proof that we can achieve flawless performances worthy of our brand. We focus on continuous evolution of engineering technology, the most suitable raw materials, and the careful selection of the best suppliers for the desired results.